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Impress Your Customers

Create professional quotations, invoices, and receipts.

Save Time

Reduce paper work, and spend more time for things that matter.

Make Money & Spend Wisely

Collect payment on time, and take control of your finance

Do It Your Way

Have the freedom to customize LinxBooks to suit your business.

LinxBooks is an open-source accounting software comparable to MyOB. LinxBooks is suitable for small and medium businesses, from 1 person to 30+ employees. LinxBooks is easy-to-use invoicing, quotation, expense, bill and payroll package. We’re also looking forward to the release of the accounting module, for accountant users.

After a friendly web-bsed installation, you can create a quote or invoice immediately by entering customer name, product & service details. You can export your record to PDF or email it to your customers. LinxBooks also makes it easy for you to track your expenses and bills to your suppliers.

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